License plate Returned

Once inside the garage, the man felt his way to the back of the car, then kneeling down he turned on the minature Mag_lite and put it in his mouth. By the glow of the flashlight he replaced the owners license plate.
He turned off the light and was making his way back to the door when he tripped over something in the dark. With one hand on the car and the other on whatever he’d tripped over he caught his fall.

Once at the door, he eased it open and looked about. The neighborhood was dark and quiet. He stepped out into the cool night air and hurried back to the gate.

His return home was swift and silent. Once more in his garage, he yanked off the ski-mask, and shrugged out of the cover-alls. Only when he was folding them up did he notice the white lettering on the back. POLICE . He’d forgotten that he’d brought them home from work.

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