Horatio's Plight [Shakespeare's Cursed Grave Challenge]

“You can’t do this, David,” shouted Horatio.
“I can, watch me,”
“It’s irresponsible. It goes against everything that we hold dear!”
“If the bones are to be moved, they will be moved by those of us that have sworn to protect the secret!”
Horatio shook his head, “It is the very secret that warns us to leave Him at rest. You risk everything!”
David huffed entering the grave yard, “As I should. All this slated for a parking lot indeed! Modern day stupidity,with no respect for culture and a deity of literature”
Horatio raced before his friend and colleague and held out a hand to halt him, “The Guild will not hear of this!”
“Guild be damned as they flex their political muscles; and for what?” David dramatically swept Horatio’s arm aside and began digging.
“I must”
Horatio begged David to stop, but he was a bear when his mind was set.
David felt a pin-prick on his neck, and his knee gave in.
Crumbling to the ground, he mouthed, “The curse”
“Come now David, you know as well as I,” Horatio frowned, “There is no curse”

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