I closed my eyes. Getting closer and closer. Anticipation building. Waiting for that moment. Waiting for that sunrise of my dark, cold life. But the glory of this one moment would outshine a million sunrises. It would be more magnificent than anything in the history of magnificence.

This seems like an enternity, waiting here in your arms. An eternity in your arms… wait, that sounds pretty good to me. To stand here forever with you, nothing could be better.

You’re so close now. I can hardly believe it. I never thought we’d get this chance. For once I don’t mind being wrong.

Right there! I don’t know if I can take the suspense much longer. Maybe an eternity like this wouldn’t be so wonderful (In your arms ok, anticipation not ok). So close! This is almost painful. But a strange, worth while pain. Knowing what’s to come makes it bearable. Knowing that in a mere fraction of a second your lips will be upon mine makes it worth it.

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