Vile Jelly [SCGC]

“That’s it?!” He couldn’t believe it: she’d come up with a scheme to dig up the grave of some dead guy, & all he could see was dirt? “Rip!” he bellowed.
Sara tried to shush him. “I know Shakespeare’s curse exists!”
A crack split the air, filling the church with smoke. “Who dares challenge my grave?” a voice grumbled, shaking dust from the church cieling.
“He does!” Sara cried, pointing.
“Yeah, thanks for the support,” he hissed.
“Drop thy pretenses, thou liest! the voice bellowed. Sara shuddered, a wild, frightened look in her eye. She tore out of the church without another word.
“I don’t believe in this curse,” he said bravely.”I don’t see nothin’. Y’know what I think?” He ground his heel into the dirt hole.
“Thou only believe in what thine eyes behold, & you only behold what you see to be great.” He gave a violent cry, throwing his hand to where his left eye used to be. “OUT, VILE JELLY !” He shrieked when discovering his right eye to be missing too.

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