Blessed Final Wish


But she didn’t understand. Her tears flew down her face, and when she looked at me, I felt my heart twinge…

She loved me so much that she was willing to spare the existence of the Resistance for me…

But I couldn’t let her do that! I couldn’t! I would do anything to stop it!

And I would do anything to save her.

But my body held me back once again. I couldn’t even lift my finger…

Then I saw it. I knew what I could do.

The safety pins!

I tried to direct Lily’s attention to the open pins lying on the bed side table, but she had already started to tell him little things about us.

It looked like I was on my own.

I struggled against myself with all my might to move my finger.

I felt my heart speed up, my lungs tightened.

I filled myself with pressure, directing them into that one… small… movement!

My finger flew across the room, putting a safety pin in front of her on the ground.

As I took my last breath, I saw Lily’s understanding eyes, and knew it was going to be okay.

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