Revenge of the King{People's Choice Halloween Challenge}

The kids ran quickly down the dark narrow hallway as lighting flashed like a camera flash outside the window.Their breathing came to them in shallow gasps as spider like tree limbs rapped against the large windows lining the hall. Another scream echoed throughout the house, making the teenagers hurry ever faster towards their friend.

The teenagers ran into the deserted room as lighting flashed again outside, illuminating the scene. They stopped in abrupt horror as they took in the lightning illuminated scene before them. A silent dark figure stood over their friend as she sobbed on the ground.

The figure glanced up at the 3 friends, startled. Large golden chains flashed around his neck as he vaulted silently out the window. The friends rushed over to the window and watched it run across the lawn in large weird looking strides.

They then rushed over to their friend who was sobbing on the ground. They looked in awe at the 1/2 eaten burger and Burger King bag next to her.

“450 calories” she sobbed.

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