Attack of the redheaded weirdos

“Ehhhh! Will you stop that!” Said Goose.
I giggled, “Nope, you started it a year ago.”
Goose wiped off the wetness i swiped across his neck, and returned a quick one on my left cheek.
“Gah! See I’m minding my own business, trying to put this new video card in the computer and you attack me.” I complained.
“Wrong, you started it.”
“Even Bruce agrees with me,” He said, pointing. to his picture of Bruce Lee.
“He has no choice,” I reply, “he’s hung on a nail, on the wall.”
I then tackle Goose onto my bed and suck on his neck.
“AHHHHH!” he mockingly screams, “attack of the red headed weirdo!”
I giggle again and kiss him on the ear. You really shouldn’t put two geeks in a room, with computers, each of the opposite sex.
“Lies,” I say, “you enjoy being attacked.”
I then roll off, get up and finish my computer.

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