Shakespeare Curse Challenge

“Hey, are you guys sure we’re suppose to be here?” I shakenly asked, holding my little brother close to me. Along with us were my boyfriend Pierce and our eccentric friend Mike who insisted on this tour. Everywhere I looked I saw Do not Trespass signs. “C’mon you babies,” Mike huffed, “I know you want to see this grave, so let’s go.” Trey wimpered beside me. I looked to Mike walking further ahead of us and I hissed to Pierce, “I hope something eats him.”

And yet we continued on.

Then we came across the grave of Shakespeare’s. Wow, I thought to myself, It really exists. The spooky engraving was still legibal after all these years. Mike read it then spat right on the grave, “Curse. Pfft, yeah right.” I looked nervously to Pierce and Trey as Mike continued. “Watch this.” And he shoved his hand into the dirt, then pulling up a skull, “hehe, To be or not to be..That is the-” A pearly white bony hand grabbed Mike’s leg and pulled him into the soil, never to be seen again.

Shakespeare sure showed him.

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