Blood Type

I wasn’t expecting such a sight. My heart thudded hard against my chest, my body buzzed and tingled. I felt dizzy with fear and excitement.

My body threw up red flags: stop now, but my feet refused to obey. I walked alone along this concrete path battling reason and intrigue. I was blatantly defying everything I had been raised to abide by; I was, without reserve, going against my own rash morals. But curiosity killed this cat, because I did everything to refuse going back to my car and driving away.

I arrived at the huge oak door; this is it, I thought to myself, taking hold of the big brass door knocker, and pounding it against the door twice. I waited. I tried to remember how to breathe, how to think clearly. My body stung in the cold, but my blood was scalding hot.

I heard footsteps, then, loud and heavy on the other side of the door. I was nervous, of course; there’s no telling why anyone would willingly throw them self into the home of a monster.

Here’s to hoping I wasn’t his blood type.

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