True Love Challenge- My Look into the Criminal's Eyes

It felt as if the whole room could hear my breathing,my torn apart heart thudded into the skin on my chest. Why was I feeling this way? It wasn’t exactly the million dollar question, I felt like this all the time—everytime his face was close to mine, his lips were gently touching the loose strands of my brown hair. everytime
Tayler whispered my name, over the loudness of my stupid heavy breath. “Kinz,... I can’t live without you.” I didn’t worry about the thumping of my heart, because it stopped. The beating stopped altogether. It took me a minute or so to let the concept sink in. I stared into the dark sea in his eyes. I stepped away, let the steel jail door slam. I could see the pain and fear carved into the faded color in his eyes, the eyes of the accused criminal. The jailkeeper led me to the front entrance, and I kept my eyes glued to Tayler. I knew with all my heart- there was no possible way I could leave him. No possible, literal way, that I could live without him

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