Memo to Warwickshire Deanery (Shakespeare's Cursed Grave Challenge)


To: William Stackhouse, Warwickshire Deanery
From: Thomas Mills, Warden
The Collegiate Church of the Holy and Undivided
Trinity, Stratford-Upon-Avon
Date: October 1, 2008
Re: Upcoming New Hire Expenditures

Dear Mr. Stackhouse:

I am writing to remind the Deanery that October will see an increase in Holy Trinity’s new hire expenditures.

We at Holy Trinity do our best to ease the concerns of each new janitor that we hire that Shakespeare’s curse does not apply to the stones ABOVE the grave of Mr. Shakespeare; however, the community at large has begun to notice the unusual number of illnesses and accidents that befall those employed as Holy Trinity’s janitorial staff.

Perhaps the Deanery could turn its attention to the fact that the stones are quite a state of disrepair; each day we notice more flaking and peeling of the church floor. Action on this matter would certainly assist us in keeping janitorial staff for longer than a few days.

Sincerly yours,

Thomas Mills

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