Only to escape

Taylor didn’t mind the stuffiness of my backyard, the small workout room he would be sleeping in until about a week or so. Until we had moved.. We were planning to make the road trip, together. Down to a small city, a place no one could find either of us. But we needed time for the police, news, and neighbors to calm down. Monday- Tuesday- Wednsday- the days passed. Almost everyday there was a visitor, either holding a camera or a home-made dish, ready to comfort or rot me out. By Friday, we were ready to make the trip. It was around 3 in the morning, and I was still a bit hesitant. Spending my life with Taylor was—and never had been—any problem. But what if he was the criminal, what if..
I couldn’t let my mind get that far. I stepped to the front seat, dropped my bags into the back seat, and put the key into ignition.

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