The sound of us.

We had been on the road for nearly a couple of hours, not resting for a pit stop, or for food. The far away from the community we got, the better.
But there was one thing we left behind, I could remember it now. The police would be out to get us as soon as they figured out. I was scared- no - that was clearly an understatement. I realized Taylor could see the visible fear in my eyes. He took my hand. As I was driving on the near empty street, I turned my face slightly towards his. Our eyes met. “Kinsey Carlis Bracking. I love you. Never in the world could anyone make me feel so much more than you. No one. Trust me, I will get us through this.” I shuddered, a cool wind ran through my spine. Us I loved the sound of that. He was leaning in to kiss my palm, when a siren went off. Then two, three.. four. We were surrounded by the back. I looked into Taylors eyes as, almost too soon, he fell to the car floor.
I didn’t exactly know what happened. I bent down to feel his heart beat.


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