81 Ficlets! [CHALLENGE] Theme Song Challenge

Wow! I can’t believe it, but after only a year, I’ve reached 81 ficlets! Haha, took me long enough.

Since it seems to be the tradition around here, I’ve decided to issue a challenge for all of my fellow Ficleteers. It is as follows:

I think all of us have heard a song that seems to describe us. Whether it’s our current mood, situation, personality, whatever, we all have found some kind of theme song.

For this challenge, I want you to write a ficlet based on the ‘theme song’ concept. It can either be personal to you, or character-related. You do not have to include lyrics in the ficlet, but you can if you choose.

I don’t know if I’ll judge this or give a deadline, because I’m busy and I know others are, too. Really, I just want you guys to have fun with this one. Happy theme-songing!

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