An Unnatural Coma : Part 3

“It beeped showing heartbeat, he’s not dead.” I thought to myself as I sat on the curb outside the hospital. I noticed to my left there was a lower roof and then maybe a two floor climb to his room. I looked behind me to see the security gaurds sitting at their station one on the phone and one inveloped in a computer screen.
“Neither would notice me leaving and if I did they’d think nothing of it.” I thought to myself.
I got up and approached the wall to the lower roof. I tried to jump up to a windowsill but is was just out of my reach. I grabbed a nearby biohazard trash bin.
“This is stupid, your going to either going to contaminate yourself with biohazards or get caught and arrested.” I said to myself, but I let my insanity surpress the thought. I jumped up on the trash bin and grabbed the windowsill. I pulled myself onto the roof with a huff and rolled onto the gravely surface. I looked up at the climb from here. I looked around and found an old airconditioner to aid in my climb. “I have to.”

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