The Breaking Dawn- Touching lips to an angel

Was it real?
The breaking dawn cast shadows on us.I knew he could vanish at any moment, but I felt at ease. Here in his strong arms is where I wanted to be. The worries of people telling me what to do—what was right, was drowned out of my mind. I kept myself controlled, knowing this angel could vanish—right before my eyes.
Think I’m exaggerating? He was an angel, how had he gotten on earth, in my life? No clue. All I knew is that I was here, with him. Despite the anger and hatred flooding the city. I was here. He was perfect. His pale skin shimmered gleaming colors all over the beach. His lively caramel & green eyes stared into my undeserving, nothing special blue eyes. There was no reason for him to stay, but every part of me wanted to thank him, for not leaving me—yet. Although my heart ached to know that in time he would. In time it would make no sense for him to stay.
And as a part of his gleaming skin touched mine, it felt as if his light entered my world, and that I was shining too.

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