Recognize The Outsiders

She walked, no, hobbled, through those halls. With each step she felt weaker, but kept going. She wouldn’t stop, she couldn’t. Not after all these years…

These years had worn her down. She was old, but it wasn’t her age that rendered her disabled. What held her back was that.

It was like a cult, one you were born into, and one you couldn’t get out of. Not without a whole lot of will power, rebellion, and free-thinking. Most people never tried, though. There were like her, not ready for a change. They lived and suffered through it all, even if they didn’t know it.

That was her life. It was all she stood for. But now, she watched the younger generations, her future, seem more detached and less devoted. Sometimes she felt sorrow or pity, but other times she felt disgust. Those infidels. How could they not see?

Well, the truth of that matter was quite the contrary. How could she not see? Did she not feel her loss?

So I say, ignorance is bliss. Live on.

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