Life and Times of Andrew Beck- part 5

I decided I was going to get down to the business of what was going on between Lorraine and Nick.

And I was going straight to the source, none of that grapevine crap. I walked straight up to Lorranie who was getting stuff out of her locker. I leaned against the locker beside hers and said, “So I see you’re getting bigger?”
“So I see your a bigger ass?” She quickly responded. I rolled my eyes, “Look, I’m not here to deal with your shit. I’m here to ask about you and Nick.” She looked at me with a surprised expression, “And why do you care?”
“Because I don’t think you’re right for him. You’re quite frankly not right for anyone.”
“Oh is that what you think?”
“Yes, because only you would get pregnant on the first time.” I could tell our voices were raising.
“Uhm, excuse me, but I’m not the one who forgot protection.” I rolled my eyes, “You don’t need it.”
“Yes you do. And this proves it.” And she pointed at her stomach, “I gotta go. I personally don’t want to deal with you right now.” And she left.

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