The Faerie Princess

The Faerie Princess, aged 16, sat slumped at her desk, pondering her life. Though most assured her it was a bad idea, she wanted to visit the otherworld. How was she to inspire humans to believe (as was the point of the entire existance of her world) if she could never know what, truly, a human was? She’d spent years trying to find some sort of spell to take her there, and, finally, she’d done it! The trouble was, she was too old. The only way a fairy could leave her world was to be banished, or to have gone as a child. She made a vow to someday let her child experience what she could never. When the violet-eyed princess Anise was born, her mother made the decree, and she was sent to the human realm, transformed in shape by magic.
Thirteen years ago, a baby with violet eyes was adopted into a loving, if unimaginative, family. For lack of a better name, they called her Violet, for her eyes. She’d always known there was something in store for her, something big. Soon, Violet’s life will change immensely.

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