The Sweetest Stink...a Challenge

In our society, we are trained to respond a certain way to “unpleasant” smells…It’s fairly instinctual to find some odors repulsive, but there are a lot we are trained to dislike. Societal norms still fail to keep us from loving certain stenches(every body likes their own brand).

As a child I really liked the smell of gasoline…Some people find certain b.o. hot(it is laden with pheromones)... Personally, I am a sucker for dog breath. My dog’s sweet little kisses smell like a taco fart, but I absolutely LOVE them. Even strange dogs, if they are sweet enough to wanna give up the doggy kisses – I love them( yes I am a TOTAL dog person, they’re better than people)...

That being said, Give me stories about sweet stinks. Hypothetical characters with odd olfactory obsessions, or personal anecdotes about the unconventional aromas that you enjoy- I don’t care. Don’t be afraid to be gross or graphic, be honest! This is about defying societal constraints about what we find appealing!

Don’t be afraid…GET STINKY !

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