E! Trew Hollywould Story(clearly not the copywritten one) Darius "Crotchy" Corbet

Little known today, forty five years ago Darius “Crotchy” Corbett was a juggernaut on the Canadian rock scene. Starting out as the drummer in the Maple Syrup Sea a Toronto surf rock band, he entered into the mid sixties music arena with a bang. Literally. He would fire a .22 pistol into the ceiling at the climax of each show’s drum solo. Although a popular live act, the group soon found trouble in the form of lawsuits from various venues where Crotchy had pulled his trademark stunt. After an injunction forbidding him playing live again, he went on to become the most successful Canadian rock producer of the sixties, being instrumental in the creation of dozens of Canadian #1 hits, that as Americans , you have never heard of.

The infamous appetites and hi jinks which garnered him the name Crotchy, along with the excessive drug usage, led him to an obscurity that would last into the mid 80’s. Broke, disgraced, and out of the public eye Crotchy’s first attempt at a comeback was marred “by those meddling kids”.

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