The Boys Enter the School House

The boys circled back around the building at a safe distance.
There was no sign of life. The only sounds were the rattling of the yellow leaves that remained on the skeletal tree limbs.

“I bet that’s where the door is,” Bobby said, indicating concrete steps leading down.
“Let’s go look,” Billy said, glancing at the brothers.
David piped up, “I’ll stay here as a lookout,”
“Ok,” Ernie said, “but keep Shep in sight. I don’t want to have to look for him when we get back.”

Without more comment the boys advanced on the building like marines taking out a machine gun nest. Without incident they arrived at the stained old stairwell. There were six steps to the bottom, where a concrete square was filled with leaves.
Bobby was the first down the stairs, then Billy and Ernie followed. A wooden screendoor was hanging loose, and when opened the screech caused them all to jump.
“The door is open,” Billy observed. Then he nudged it wider with his sneaker. The kitchen was empty.

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