Ed was two seconds from beating his head into the wall. Why’d she keep sending these stupid letters? They’d broken up three years ago!
“Ed? What up, man?”
Ed looked up into Ty’s sympethetic face. “My ex,” he said simply.
“Still haven’t gotten over her?”
“No! She keeps bugging me with letters full of ‘you wasted my life, I hate you, you knew nothing about me, why did I think you were the one’ sort of junk. I mean, we were young, I was short, we were foolish.” He let his forehead meet the table, licking his lips. “She got mad that I forgot her goldfish’s birthday, for Pete’s sake!”
Ty got his “musing” look. “According to her, sounds like you & Enid never really knew each other, after all.”
Ed thought, sitting up, reaching for his guitar. “Y’know, you’re right.”
Took me a year to believe it was over, took me two more to get over the loss, whoa whoa. I took a beating when you wrote me those letters, & every time I remembered the taste of your lipgloss.
Enid, we never really knew each other anyway.

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