Another Place

“I am the good power in human form.” He looked at her again, as if patiently explaining to a child.

Emily blushed slightly. “So…what should I call you.”

“You mean a name? You can call me Wonderball, if you’d like.”

“Er…that’s just weird.” Emily thought a moment. “You need a human name, since you’re in human form.”

“In that case, would you like to assign me a name?” The being smiled.

“Sure. Uh…Alex.” The first name that popped in her mind was that of a friend from school. “Now, where am I?”

“As I explained before, this is my home.” Emily looked a little relieved. “In the place that the power of the Wonderball originated.”

Emily jumped up again. “You mean, not on earth?!”

“No, it is not safe for you on earth. The evil still resides there looking for you.”

Looking for her? “What? Why me? And what is this place – another planet?”

“I would not call it another planet, but another dimension of time. A place where power, such as that of the Wonderball, are allowed to grow.”

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