Boy's Discovery of Death

Not only was the kitchen empty, it was empty of everything.
“How could anyone live here?” Billy whispered.
Pushing the door open they stepped inside. Bobby tried the light switch. Nothing.

In the dim light the boys spread out into the other rooms. It had been a caretakers quarters, but no sign that anyone had lived there in a long time.

“I’m going upstairs,” Bobby said, leaving the kitchen. “Me too,” Billy said, following after.
Ernie explored the apartment. There were newspapers on the floor, and old food wrappers, along with empty Starbucks paper cups. In the bedroom was a single bed with a bare stained mattress. The closet contained four wire hangers on a rod and more wire hangers on the floor twisted into various shapes.
Suddenly there was a horrible scream from outside. Ernie turned and ran from the room to the back door. Then, even before he reached the door, there was another scream from upstairs.

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