An Unnatural Coma : Part 7

I walked towards the shopping plaza at a steady pace, then something caught my eye. I walked back and looked on the public mailbox and there was the …. symbol? The only difference was that the dot in the middle is where the cut was on his wrist. I left the mailbox my rationality, or what was left of it said it was a coincidence, but my insanity said no. There was excitment in the air, from what was beyond me. People were crowding around a store, I couldn’t see what it was so I just went to the store next to it to pick up what I needed. As I walked out I saw what they were excited over, a show on the televison, I just saw the closing and it ended with the symbol.
“No, no, no, it’s nothing.” said my rationality.
“Shut up, it has the be related!” my insanity fired.
Looking back on it now I should have watched the show at that moment. I made my way back to the hospital, I was half way into the revolving door when I remembered I was thrown out, too late the security gaurd down the hall saw me.. with the bag.

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