My Big Fat Indian Conundrum

The record skipped, the world was not alright. Peace and certainty, yeah, they were leaving on the next flight to India. Jameson was certain that the feeling of tightness in his chest was the beginning of the end. “Your fiancé? Oh, my God. I can’t breathe.”

Prandi cupped his face with her tiny, delicate hands. “Listen to me, Jameson. I love you. But I would be lying if I didn’t admit we have a conundrum before us. How do we get married if I’ve already been promised to another man? What can we do?”

Jameson was proud of himself for the simple fact that he wasn’t hyperventilating. He took a long deep breath and found himself in Prandi’s eyes.

Prandi reached for her phone and dialed. “I’m going to call my parents and tell them we’re in love. I’m not coming home.”



“There’s only one way to settle this, Prandi. We’ve got to get on the next flight out and convince your family that I’m the perfect man for you. That no other man will do.”

“So, you’re telling me we need a miracle?

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