Baltimore Bars.... (Sweetest Stink Challenge)

I let the disgustingly sweet smoke cloud in my lungs, breathing in the atmosphere of the room.

The place was dark and smoky, always wearing drab neutral tones like the latest fashion. I hung back in a corner sitting on a rickety wooden chair.

I sit here in between my shifts at the office building a few blocks down. I love to go down and watch the people. The people! So many people from different walks of life, so many people who are vastly apart, will come to this place just to sit down and have a drink.

This may seem boring to you, but to me it’s amazing! I mean, I’m living in Baltimore for God’s sake! Nothing happens here except cops, crime, and expensive food. Perhaps those three are interlinked…

Anyway, after I got up and went to leave, I took one last breathe of the dank air.

Aah, I love the smell of cigarettes.

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