Well, we’re not as swamped with challenges as in previous months, but I thought it’d be time to get them organized in one handy-dandy place:
Secret Agent Challenge (42136)
In honor of the new 007 movie, write about a secret agent of any kind. (Until Nov. 14)

Adjective Challenge (42460)
Use as many adjectives you can! (Until: unknown)

Sentence Challenge (42465)
Take one or both of the given sentences, and spin a ficlet. (Until unknown)

MP Challenge (42742)
Release your inner Monty Python! (Until Oct 12 [I extended it a week… I wanna see some stuff!])

TLC (True Love Challenge) (42947)
Love in its truest form. (Until whenever)

Peoples Choice Halloween Challenge (43053)
“Monster” fics that crash & burn. (Until Oct 31)

Theme Song Challenge (43329)
Search for your personal theme song! (Until whenever)

Haunted House Challenge (43334)
Research a haunted house, write a ficlet (until Oct 31)
If I forgot any, leave a comment w/ the link!

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