Boy Find a Shallow Grave

Ernie paused mid-stride, but then continued out the door, and flew up the concrete steps. He looked wildly about, not seeing his brother. Then he heard a weak call, “Over here.” Ernie slewed about then spotted David about fifty feet away from the building. He was on his knees, his arms locked around the neck of his dog Shep.
Ernie ran to his side, he was both angry and relieved. The anger won out and he screamed at his brother. “What’s the matter with you? Why are you screaming like a little girl?”

David looked up into his brothers eyes and said, “Shep dug up a bone.”
“Big deal,” Ernie said, “He’s always digging up bones.”
David pointed to a fresh mound of dirt. “Human bones?” he asked.
The caretaker’s screendoor slammed and both boys turned to see Billy’s head pop up as he climbed the steps. Ernie gave a meaningful look at his brother, then said, “David claims Shep dug up a human bone. “Over there,” David said.
The three boys and a dog approached the shallow rift. The bones were human.

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