Tries To Get Help

Dr. Jameson uncrossed his legs, leaned back in his chair and reread what Denise had just said. ‘Not mine – taken over – I can’t control it – nothing I can do – the broken heart.’

He looked over at Denise. She was sittling on the sofa, her legs curled under her, tears running down her face.

Very gently, Dr. Jameson said, “Denise, what are you trying to say? These words don’t make any sense.”

Dr. Jameson didn’t know much about this 18 year old girl. Her mother brought her in, sayin that three days ago Denise begun saying random words, and only random words. Her mother had at first become angry, thinking it was some sort of new nonsense, like texting, but it continued until, becoming alarmed she brought her in.

Denise suddenly shouted out, “It controls

“What controls?”

Denise looked as though she was concentrating, then said, “She Controls me

Dr. Jameson wrote, ‘May have to be hospitalized.’

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