The Smell of a Good Race (THe Sweetest Stink... a Challenge)

We sit in our seats as the cars zoom by. A breeze we seldom get on this hot day blows and I finally get to take in the scent. The scent of burning rubber on hot concrete fills my lungs and gets me even more into the race.

To others the smell might stink and the race might be boring, but there is something different when you are there. Maybe it may be that they pull g-forces at every turn, or that they sometimes go so fast you can barely catch then. To me it is the smell. The smell that tells you this is a real sport and there is nothing fake about it.

When the race ends it is time for the winner to do his burn out. He spins and burns rubber in the process a huge cloud smoke hits the grandstands and travels towards me. I close my eyes and take in the smell of a perfect burn out.

I smile and prepare to leave. As we leave the smell becomes less and less. I will have to wait till the next race to smell that amazing smell again.

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