Leave Him To Me

The stranger approached me, raising the blade as he did. I squeezed my eyes shut. Maybe I wasn’t going to be gutted, but I was going to be split!
The blade didn’t pierce my skull.
I fell to the floor. My bonds had been cut! I was free!
“Run,” the stranger grumbled.
“W-what?” I stammered.
“Run!” he bellowed, raising the sword threateningly.
“But… Ella…” I still cared about her, even if she had tried to kill me. “Is she…”
RUN ! NOW!” he roared, striking the floor uncomfortably close to my hand. I jerked it away, rolled over, & bolted into the darkness.
I fled past those piercing eyes, drawing ever closer. Some cackled, others clawed at my tattered jacket.
“No! Leave him to me!” Ella shrieked. She was gaining on me.
She tried to grab my arm, but I pulled it away, trying not to yell out in pain; she’d dug her nails into me & left three deep scratches above my elbow.
She tumbled to the floor, I kept running.
I don’t know how, but I made it back to the woods.
Exhausted, frightened, I collapsed.

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