The Reunion

I turned into the hall of lockers and there she stood opening her locker. I had heard that she had transfered to my high school, but until now had not seen her.

Gail, her name rolled around my tongue like sweet candy. She had been my first girlfriend in grade school, and I was her first boyfriend. Then suddenly she was gone. Out of state someone said, but I never knew where.

Her blonde hair was short now, instead of down to the middle of her back, and she had filled out into a beautiful young woman.

As she concentrated on her combination lock, I mused on how best to approach her. Hey Gail, what’s up? I scrapped that idea. Sweetheart, good to see you. That wasn’t any better. In the end I decided to be natural. I saundered over to her and said, “Hi Gail”

She turned those beautiful blue eyes on me and the half smile I knew so well, and said, “Hello. Do I know you?”

“Not anymore,” I mumbled, walking away.

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