If Only

I stared after Matt as he walked away from me. I wanted to talk to him but this wasn’t the right time. I just didn’t want a confrontation.

If only my dad had let me pick a different high school. If only I didn’t have to follow him around with his illegal job. If only my birthday was in two days instead of two months. Then I could turn eighteen and leave him—and Matt—behind forever.

I sighed, closing my locker. If only is the only way to look at the situation now. It’s a lot easier than actually dealing with it. Still, I felt the smallest bit bad for hurting Matt.

He would never understand the move with my dad after my mom died. He would never understand that even in middle school, I had loved him. He would never understand the hole I’m digging myself into by coming back to Atlanta, back to this town, back to him.

It would just be a matter of time before my secrets pour out. One after the other.

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