Why I dropped him, and why I let him go…

I’ll never know why.

I saw Ezra, and I let go. I heard shouting, and I let go. But I suppose most of all, it was the simple horror of seeing Patrick’s frozen face in my mind that made my hands let go.

And as soon as I did, my moment of slow motion erupted, and I was instantly whirled into a cataclysmic race.

I knew things would never be the same again.

As Ezra grabbed my hand and pulled me away from Patrick’s still form, I simply knew.

As I looked over my shoulder to see the guards pointing their guns at me, I knew.

As we burst out of the doors of the Secretist Party headquarters, I knew.

The guards flooded the streets while we hid, looking for any trace of us they could find. But we sat quietly in the dumpster, shivering against each other, and they never found us.

I knew my life was changed forever, and nothing would give me the means to go back.

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