Livin the dream

Ok, you can call me a little obbsessed. Ok, a lot obbsesed. But come on, I have a reason to be obbsessed! Legally Blonde is the most amazing musical in the whole world! Maybe 18 is an age thats too old to be obbsessed with something, but I dont care. I love to sing, dance, and act, and I wish with all my heart that I will get to play Elle Woods on broadway someday.
Who am I, you ask? I’m Jade Fransco. Daughter of Jean and Danny Fransco. Sibling of Hayley Fransco. Best friend of Krissy Sutton. Speaking of Krissy…that blonde, mid length hair, blue eyed, freckled spotted girl, could pass as my twin! Instead of mid-length hair, I have long pure blonde hair which is straight like Krissy’s, blue-green eyes, and no freckles, unlike Krissy. We are both thin, abercrombie wearing, Legally blonde obsessed freaks! (Shes not obbsessed as me of cousre!)
Anyway, it all started with a contest…..

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