Accursed Second Proposition

We shivered, clutching each other for comfort. Lily was trembling violently, trying not to wail in mourning. I stroked her hair, trying to calm her.
“He’s gone, he’s gone,” she’d mumble.
“It’s alright, Lily. There’s nothing we can do but wait,” I cooed.
“If I hadn’t done what I did-”
“You did what you thought was best.”
Outside, to my horror, I heard someone yell, “Someone check in here!”
“I ain’t going dumpster diving!”
“Just open it!”
I squeezed Lily and braced myself against the cruel sunlight.
“Well, look what we have here: two pieces of trash,” a guard sneered.
“Is it them?” the Premiere’s voice rang out.
“Yes sir!” The Premiere’s head appeared at the opening of the dumpster. Lily looked into his eyes & stood, full of vengeance.
“Well, aren’t we angry?” he asked tauntingly.
“Hey! Leave her alone!” I cried.
“Ezra, I got this,” she hissed to me. I was taken aback; she’d considered me her “guiding” older brother, if only by three minutes. “I have another proposition for you,” she said slyly to the Premiere.

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