Henry raised an eyebrow. “I’ll humor you once more.”
Lily leaned against the rim of the dumpster, her fingertips pressed against each other. She had that plotting look in her eye; I almost pitied the Premiere.
“It’s good that we have witnesses this time,” she continued. “You’d love to capture us, wouldn’t you? You’d love information about our organization, wouldn’t you?” The guards murmured in agreement. “Well, I’m not giving it to you so easily.”
The guards aimed their weapons at us. “Now boys, let her explain,” the Premiere warned.
“I used to be a sharpshooter, you know,” she went on. “You see this dollar coin?” she asked, pulling one out. It wasn’t more than an inch in diameter.”I can blow a hole right through the center at two hundred yards.” The guards balked.
“That’s impossible!”
“I’ll bet you everything we know I can. If I make it, my brother & I go free. If I miss, we’re in your custody and tell you anything & everything you want to know. Oh, here’s the catch: Henry holds the coin above his head.”

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