Take My Hand

Your face appears like a spotlight in a crowd; I am amazed.
Alex gazed in amazement at this girl who’d caught his eye. Time seemed to freeze, he could barely breathe. She came up to him. He couldn’t say a word, he was so taken by her.

I’d be complete if you just say that you need me. One word, tell me who do you want me to be.
He wanted to be there for her. He could only hope for the same from her.

Take my hand and don’t you drop it. Take my heart and put it away. Smiles on your face once made me happy. You’re the highlight of my day.
But then the day came. She didn’t show up. Only a note lay waiting in his mailbox. His heart tore as he ripped the envelope and read her note.

Remember me, ‘cause I remember you. There was a time not so long ago when I was happy, now all you need to know:
You took my hand and you just dropped it, you took my heart and you threw it away! Smiles on your face won’t make me happy. You were the highlight of my day.

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