Bobby is gone Missing

The boys stood looking down at the array of bones. Billy said, “The bones are yellow. Maybe these are old bones.”
Ernie dropped to one knee and picked a femer bone.

“Eewee,” David said, backing away.
“This feels funny.” Ernie said, handing the bone to Billy. Billy took the bone. “Humm, it feels like plastic.”
“Where’s Bobby?” David asked.

The boys turned toward the old building, as though expecting Bobby to be standing there. Only silence from the brooding building answered their stares.

Billy tossed the bone back into the pile of bones. “Lets go find Bobby.”

Billy and Ernie ran back into the building, David followed more cautiously, holding onto the Shep’s collar, all of them calling out Bobbys name. Figuring safety in numbers they stuck together and went room to room. Once they reached the second floor David turned Shep loose, but the dog stayed close, smelling everywhere.

They were screaming Bobbys name now, but no answer.
The light was dim filtering through the filthy windows.

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