MonkeyShine Pt 2 (BF Challenge)

“What? What was your fault,” I asked.
“I put my nose next to the monkey’s cage, you know, while talking to him.”
Yeah, and…?”
“The little dickens run up and grabbed my glasses right off my nose. And as you know, I’m blind as a bat without my glasses. He was just a blur. I made the mistake of unlatching the cage and reaching in, and the little shit bit me. When he did that I jerked back knocking over his cage. It banged against the dogs cage, which knocked over the cats cage. Animals were running wild. Then I stumbled over the ducks cage and they were being chased by the dogs and cats.”

I bent over laughing. Tears were running down my face.

Tod continued, “The dogs were chasing the cats and the cats were climbing clothing, mannikins, people, whatever.
The store was a mess. Finally a clerk returned my glasses, and a manager threatened to sue me. To stave off being sued I offered to buy all the animals in the store, except the monkey. Not only that, but I promised to keep them until they died.”

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