FrEAks: Saga Two Part 1

The Lummox hurled his giant fist into the brick wall, with a crash that echoed up and down the dark alley. As he drew back his hand, a figure slid down the wall, and onto the damp ground. He slumped over and landed face first into a mud puddle. Seeing that the man was dead, Lummox slowly turned his huge frame and trudged away, dragging the chains connected to his wrists and ankles. He quietly spoke gibberish as he walked.

The next day, the police anxiously huddled around the crime scene, to gather as much as they could about the murder. Forensics found nothing to verify the identity of the murderer, other then one large footprint, stomped into the cement. Given the size of the footprint, it was obviously a hoax. No one was that large, or heavy.

The headline read that a young man was brutally murdered by a group of individuals. Judging from the damage to the surrounding environment, and the victims’ bodily trauma, sledgehammers were most likely used.

The victim was identified as Jacob Morrow.

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