FrEAks: Saga Two Part 3

“So this giant has been sighted throughout our city. There’re four different people that swear they saw him. You couple that with the kid in Mexico that broke the record for fastest reflex time, and the German girl that can digest metal, and I say the Freaks are coming out.” Megan said excitedly pointing to newspaper articles and internet printouts.

“No, I just think there’re some odd people in this world.” Marty answered. “How do you even discover you can digest metal? What do you eat a wrench and call the papers when you don’t die?”

“The real question is, why now?” Megan asked, ignoring Marty. “Why come out of hiding now?”

“Beats me Megs, I’ve got enough to worry about already.” Marty said opening his locker.

Megan closed the paper and frowned. “Your still hurting over Morrow, aren’t you?”

“It’s fine.” Marty answered, walking away.

“You never open up to me.” She said, following him.

“Yo Megan! I’m thinking you and me should rock the Spring Formal together!” a deep voice called out from behind.

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