FrEAks: Saga Two Part 4

Nicholas Prewit walked over to Megan and Marty, holding a football in one hand, and a Coke can in the other.

“Do you ever carry a book bag?” Megan asked.

“Why should I? It’s not like I do any work.” he said laughing.

“Ah the perks of being a jock.” Marty muttered.

“What’s that Goth Boy?” Nicholas asked, stepping up to Marty.

“Forget him.” Megan said. “What do you want anyway?”

“Oh yeah.” Nicholas said, twirling the football. “You and me so need to go to the Spring Formal together. You can ride in my Camaro.”

“That’s “You and I” need to go Nick.” Megan responded.

“That’s what I said. You and me need to go.” Nicholas said getting confused.

“Never mind.” Megan answered. “Anyway, I’m waiting for somebody else to ask me.” she said, looking away.

“Oh come on! Not Goth Boy!” Nicholas shouted. “You’re the hottest girl in school, and you want him?”

“I hate goth music.” Marty said softly.

“Pardon me. I meant “Emo Boy”. Is that better My Chemical Marty?” He jeered.

A bone shot out of Marty’s knuckle.

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