FrEAks: Saga Two Part 6

Marty hit the bathroom floor hard, as he began convulsing in pain. Bone’s shot out of his shoulders, and spine, cracking the tiles while he ripped off his shirt. He screamed, feeling like he was being torn apart from the inside.

Suddenly, the pain stopped and he rose to his knees, panting heavily. This was the part he hated most.

His back muscles jutted out two feet behind him and tears started to stream down his face. He slapped both palms on the floor, then clenched his teeth. Three seconds later, long interconnected bones shot out from behind him with a terrible snap. As the echo faded, Marty stood up and prepared to look at himself in the mirror.

His skin was tan. His fingernails were black. His pupils were dilated and held no light. His muscles were swelled and veiny. But most notably, six-foot wings now stuck out from either side of his spine and a tail hung down from behind him. The wings were featherless, and both tail and wings were made of chalk white bone.

“Teacher won’t like this.” he sighed.

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