FrEAks: Saga Two Part 7

He’d seen this new form only once before. It was over the past summer, when a masked man mugged him. The robber told Marty to hand over his wallet at gunpoint, and Marty obeyed. The robber ran off a few seconds later.

Five minutes after, a winged silhouette flew into the sky.

Four minutes after that, the robber was paralyzed.

Three hours later, Marty woke up on his doorstep. His wallet was in his left hand.

As Marty stared at the stranger staring back at him in the mirror, he knew his powers had evolved. He was stronger, faster, and tougher. But this new form was brutal. It affected his judgment and conscience.

It felt good.

There were no other bones exposed from his body now. Just his wings and tail. The tail was endowed with a large blade at the end, and the wings were razor sharp. He knew he could fly, but wasn’t sure how yet.

Marty started to laugh. His mind was warping. He carved something into the floor with his finger, before exiting the bathroom.

It read “Raven Bone”.

Marty was loose.

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