FrEAks: Saga Two Part 8

Raven Bone Marty walked down the hallway firing bone tentacles in every direction. He gouged holes in walls and ripped open the ceiling without lifting a finger. Behind him, he left a trail of sliced lockers with his flared out wings.

It was clear that Raven Bone was looking for someone, and was leaving no stone unturned.

As the door to Mr. Richard’s math class was ripped from its hinges by the prehensile tentacles, the students and teacher gasped as they saw something too unreal to believe. Nicholas Prewit was entwined and being slowly drug out the door. Raven Bone lifted him up to eye level.

Morrow was gone now. Nothing was going to save him this time.

Raven Bone brought his razor sharp tail blade up to Nicholas’ throat. But before he could execute him, a blast knocked Nicholas from his hold.
Another sent Raven Bone flying backwards.

He was frozen to the back wall of the hallway.

Directly in front of him stood Megan. “You really should’ve been nicer to me.” she said glaring.

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