Residing Dreams (Chapter 150)

So out of boldness, concern, or alarm, the next chance I got, I threw the knife away. Maybe that wouldn’t stop him, but it might give him a well needed wake up call. There were a lot of things that Casimir and I didn’t know about each other; some things we didn’t even talk about. But if the rest of his secrets were like this, then the previous warnings of the staff made sense. But what if they didn’t even know? What if they didn’t even care? I wondered a lot about that boy. Some days, we didn’t see each other. Either I was at camp, or he said that he wanted to be alone. Yet Casimir always made a point to tell me that it wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy being with me. He just needed some time to reflect. Sometimes I wondered if I could consider him a friend. Did he understand me, or just envy me? Perhaps he only hung out with me because he deemed me gentle and safe. Plus, we resided in the same house, if different ivory towers. However, one conversation had a huge impact on the way we saw each other.

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