I Wanted to Dance With One Guy, Even If He Was Gay

I stand there awkwardly as Tom sways with some girl, lost in his thoughts and the music. I clear my throat again and the girl finally sees me.
“Can I cut in for just a minute?” I ask. She harumphs and walks away. I don’t care. Tom smiles warmly at me.
“You look beautiful,” he says as I place my arms around his neck.
“You look great, too,” I respond, then curiously, “Did you ask Alexander to dance?”
“Yeah. He told me he would, but then I reminded him later and he just walked away.”
Tom adds a sigh and then I begin to look off over his shoulder.
“And now we try not to look at eachother, my favorite part,” Tom chuckles.
“I’m sorry, I just… I’m thinking about my friend. He likes me so much…”
“And you don’t feel that way?” Tom guesses correctly. I shake my head. With sighs in unison, Tom hugs me closer and I lean my head on his chest.
“I’ve got an idea,” I tell him, “You can pretend I’m Alex and I’ll pretend you’re straight.”
But Tom doesn’t hear; he is lost between his thoughts and the music again.

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